Re: Moving to glade and GtkInspector


On Mon, Apr 03, 2017 at 01:29:01AM -0400, Martin Owens wrote:
I'm brining this up in devel mailing list because it might not be
possible to do well enough, but I'm interested in raising the question
of moving projects from widget code to glade ui files.

I work on Inkscape. The next version of Inkscape (0.93) will be Gtk3
and Gtk2 is now removed from our codebase. But we're still generating
all of our widget trees in-code and is kinda hurts redesigning our

Is it worth moving to glade for parts of a large gtk3 app, does it help
with css adjustments at all and would it be an acceptable patch to make
the gtkinspector dump out our existing widget trees (it would be really
nice to have it generate glade xml, but that's just silly right). At
least getting the data out of the inspector and into a python script
for generating the xml would be a start.

Any ideas, or thoughts?

Glade is not well maintained, some developers prefer to edit the XML
files directly, which is not really convenient.

At least by writing C/C++ code, you have compilation warnings when using
deprecated functions. Personally I prefer writing code instead of using
GtkBuilder, but that's just my preference. With code it's easy to write
re-usable functions, in XML files it is not possible.


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