Re: Migrating from GTK+ 2.x to GTK+ 3

On 14 February 2017 at 12:25, Rúben Rodrigues <ruben_gr live com pt> wrote:
Hi,It gives me this error:
I'm sorry for this basic questions for you but i don't see tutorials that explains more detailed to understand..

i'm new on Linux and gtk+. I'm trying to migrate an application make with gtk+2.0, and i'm following this tutorial 

But i have some doubts, like where i could do this
I'm using Eclipse to compile the files..
If i make this code:

Please, don't use screenshots when describing issues.

You're using an external library — GtkExtra — and that library still references widgets like GtkCTree which have been long since deprecated in GTK+ 2, and removed from GTK+ 3 (GtkCTree and GtkCList are GTK+ 1.2 widgets which were deprecated when GtkTreeView was added in GTK+ 2.0, 17 years ago). It seems you have a widget that uses the GtkDirTree widget from GtkExtra; that widget inherits from GtkCTree.

You will need to rewrite the widget — either using GtkListBox or GtkTreeView. 



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