Re: 回覆: Missing #include from glib/gwi n32.c ?

Apologies if this comes through twice.  The original was sent around 30 hours ago and seems to have gotten lost somewhere...

On 18/10/2015 10:31, John Emmas wrote:
On 16/10/2015 16:07, Fan, Chun-wei wrote:

Hi Victor,

Can you see whether winternl.h works for you?
With blessings, thank you.

Just bumping this in case Victor didn't see it.

Chun-wei - if you add a #include for winternl.h I don't think you'll need it in master as well.  It only seems to be needed in the 'glib-2-44' branch AFAICT.  Hope I haven't missed something!

I can just add it locally if it causes any problems.  Thanks again.


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