Missing #include from glib/gwin32.c ?

I just updated glib (from git) and tried to build the glib-2-44 branch, using MSVC8. I'm getting a compiler error at line 568 which looks like this:-

      typedef NTSTATUS fRtlGetVersion (PRTL_OSVERSIONINFOEXW);

Basically, my compiler doesn't recognise NTSTATUS. If I substitute LONG instead of NTSTATUS, everything builds okay, so I'm assuming there's a missing #include. I tried #including <ntstatus.h> and when that didn't work, I tried #include <winnt.h> (but that didn't work either).

Can anyone advise me what needs to get #included in order for NTSTATUS to get recognised? Thanks.

P.S. I assume the same problem might also exist in 'master' although I haven't had a chance to try that yet.

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