Re: MSVC linker errors (gdk-pixbuf-buffer-queue.c)

On 19/10/2015 07:08, Fan, Chun-wei (范君維) wrote:

if I was right about how you build the loaders, you need to include the new source (gdk-pixbuf-buffer-queue.c) to the project where you build the DLL for the TGA loader, *not* the project for the main GDK-Pixbuf DLL.

On 19/10/2015 10:05, Benjamin Otte wrote:

The intention is indeed to only link gdk-pixbuf-buffer-queue.c into the tga loader, not into the main libgdkpixbuf.

Thanks guys - that was exactly the mistake I made! (I just added it to the same project which has the other filenames beginning "gdk-pixbuf-"). I've just moved it into my TGA project and everything's fine now.


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