Re: MSVC linker errors (gdk-pixbuf-buffer-queue.c)

Hi John,

Are you building the loader modules as individual DLLs or are you buiding the loader modules right into the main GDK-Pixbuf DLL? It seems that you are doing the former (this is unlike the MSVC 2008+ projects, by the way, where all the included loaders are built into the main GDK-Pixbuf DLL).

From the autotools Makefiles, if I was right about how you build the loaders, you need to include the new source (gdk-pixbuf-buffer-queue.c) to the project where you build the DLL for the TGA loader, *not* the project for the main GDK-Pixbuf DLL. (Thus, I don't think for now it is the intention to export those symbols, so we don't update gdk-pixbuf.symbols at this point).

It seems to me that the autotools files need to be updated where |the line libstatic_pixbufloader_tga_la_SOURCES =||io-tga.c||||needs to become ||libstatic_pixbufloader_tga_la_SOURCES =||io-tga.c||||||gdk-pixbuf-buffer-queue.c|||.

Hope this helps.  With blessings.

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