Re: elementary would like to participate :)

Daniel Foré <daniel elementaryos org> wrote:
I actually have an open ticket about rewriting SourceList with GtkListBox so
we can add in animations and the like. I don't think there's a good reason
for it to be a treeview these days.

Christian experimented with a GtkListBox-based sidebar for Builder [1]
- could be relevant.

In elementary this widget is used as the sidebar in Files, Photos, Music,
the File Chooser, the folder manager plugin in our text editor, etc. We'd
love to see (for example) Geary or Midori be able to adopt this widget (the
developers have expressed not wanting to add a Granite dependency).

I've tried it in Freya, so have a better idea now. I'm not sure this
is something we'd want to use widely in GNOME - expanders like this
are something we try to avoid (that's not a comment on whether this
should go in GTK+ per se).

I've done a bit of work on time and date selection widgets [2] in the
past couple of days, by the way - could be relevant for this



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