Re: elementary would like to participate :)

Hi all,

Thanks to Daniel for reaching out. I'm not sure what the criteria are
for inclusion in GTK+, but here are some general comments on the
usefulness and desirability of these widgets from a (personal) GNOME
design perspective:

 * TimePicker and DatePicker
 - I wonder how often these would be used, and I'm a little uncertain
about whether the text entry part (rather than the picker itself)
assumes too much about the design of a specific app. It would probably
be useful to see examples of how these widgets are used in Elementary.
 - It doesn't appear to be possible to hand edit the date from the
text entry in the demo. Maybe that's a bug with the demo?
 - Not a huge fan of the existing date picker widget that's embedded
here. We've wanted to design something better for a long time [1].

 * SourceList
 - I'm not sure where this would get used in GNOME, but maybe that's
my lack of imagination. :)
 - It's crying out for animation for row expansion: feels a bit clunky
without it.

 * ModeButton
 - We use these in various places in GNOME, and it's something I'd be
interested in having in GTK+ and writing up for the HIG.
 - One concern is the similarity with the existing stack switcher
widgets we have. Bastien recently talked me out of using ModeButtons
for network settings on this basis.

 * DynamicNotebook
 - I'm not sure how much mileage there is for the old notebook, and
we've wanted a new widget for some time. There's a fair amount of
previous design work we've done for this, although we've recently been
experimenting with some new ideas [2]. Would certainly be interested
in collaborating on design if that's worthwhile.

 * AlertView
 - These don't look like something we use in GNOME. We have equivalent
design patterns, in the shape of the initial [3] and empty [4] app

 * Storage
 - Not sure where we'd use that, althoug feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Interesting stuff - thanks for sharing!



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