Re: elementary would like to participate :)

Hey Allen,

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually have an open ticket about rewriting SourceList with GtkListBox so we can add in animations and the like. I don't think there's a good reason for it to be a treeview these days.

I just checked the demo and it looks like the way it's implemented there is a pretty poor representation of what it's used for (filed a ticket on that). In elementary this widget is used as the sidebar in Files, Photos, Music, the File Chooser, the folder manager plugin in our text editor, etc. We'd love to see (for example) Geary or Midori be able to adopt this widget (the developers have expressed not wanting to add a Granite dependency).

It's very similar to the new GtkPlacesSidebar widget, but it's not so app specific as it seems that GtkPlacesSidebar is. So I think the best course of action here (if the intention was to merge) would be to create a more abstract GtkSourceList based on GtkPlacesSidebar (but without all the volume management and that) which GtkPlacesSidebar would then subclass.

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 2:44 AM, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks to Daniel for reaching out. I'm not sure what the criteria are
for inclusion in GTK+, but here are some general comments on the
usefulness and desirability of these widgets from a (personal) GNOME
design perspective:

 * TimePicker and DatePicker
 - I wonder how often these would be used, and I'm a little uncertain
about whether the text entry part (rather than the picker itself)
assumes too much about the design of a specific app. It would probably
be useful to see examples of how these widgets are used in Elementary.
 - It doesn't appear to be possible to hand edit the date from the
text entry in the demo. Maybe that's a bug with the demo?
 - Not a huge fan of the existing date picker widget that's embedded
here. We've wanted to design something better for a long time [1].

 * SourceList
 - I'm not sure where this would get used in GNOME, but maybe that's
my lack of imagination. :)
 - It's crying out for animation for row expansion: feels a bit clunky
without it.

 * ModeButton
 - We use these in various places in GNOME, and it's something I'd be
interested in having in GTK+ and writing up for the HIG.
 - One concern is the similarity with the existing stack switcher
widgets we have. Bastien recently talked me out of using ModeButtons
for network settings on this basis.

 * DynamicNotebook
 - I'm not sure how much mileage there is for the old notebook, and
we've wanted a new widget for some time. There's a fair amount of
previous design work we've done for this, although we've recently been
experimenting with some new ideas [2]. Would certainly be interested
in collaborating on design if that's worthwhile.

 * AlertView
 - These don't look like something we use in GNOME. We have equivalent
design patterns, in the shape of the initial [3] and empty [4] app

 * Storage
 - Not sure where we'd use that, althoug feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Interesting stuff - thanks for sharing!




Daniel Foré

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