Re: GTK Drag'n'Drop problem

Am 24.02.2014 23:34, schrieb Lanoxx:
Hello Syed,

On 23/02/14 13:48, Syed Akbar wrote:
Am 23.02.2014 12:13, schrieb John Emmas:
On 23/02/2014 10:55, Syed Akbar wrote:
I am able to provoke the error purposefully as desired (just starting
and closing Kaspersky). I then decided to try to solve it on my own
although I am no expert in C/GTK/Win32 development.

Hi Syed,

Unfortunately, I'm not on the GTK+ development team so I probably
won't be able to help much.  However, it might be useful to the devs
if you could provide a bit more information.
Thanks anyway for your answer.  Actually I already provided all
information I have (see previous mails). But I can try to state it more

For example, does GTK's DND completely stop working once you launch
those other utilities or is there a more subtle problem?
The drop destination is not recognized anymore. But you can still grab a
source and drag it off. But you can see that while moving the source
object over the destination, that it is not identified as a valid drop
I am also not an expert for this, but I remember from when I wrote a
drag and drop application once, that each drag and drop source and
target both get a list of types and the d&d source has to match the
target type. For example you can declare an event box as a drag target
and then declare that it accepts everything that is of type URL or
String. When you then drag something else on it (say an image), then the
box wont be a valid target. I hope I didnt write something wrong.

Anyway, could it be that these applications somehow interfere with the
drag and drop system of windows and change the type of the dragged
source to something else?

I really still don't know where exactly the error is. Of course there might be manipulations that corrupt the relevant dnd destination matching information.

There must be a position where "event->dnd.type" is set to "GDK_DROP_START", but I can't find the correct place. Anyway, when Kasperky/TuneUp/Camtasia is running, event->dnd.type is never set to the correct value.

Also, what are your drag source and destination?  Are you dragging &
dropping entirely within some GTK+ app?  Or are you dragging from a
GTK+ app to some external Windows app (e.g. Windows Explorer) or the
other way around?
I only tested internal dragging. For debugging I used this demo dnd

You're more likely to get assistance if you can describe the problem
very accurately.

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