Re: GTK Drag'n'Drop problem

On 23/02/2014 10:55, Syed Akbar wrote:

I am able to provoke the error purposefully as desired (just starting and closing Kaspersky). I then decided to try to solve it on my own although I am no expert in C/GTK/Win32 development.

Hi Syed,

Unfortunately, I'm not on the GTK+ development team so I probably won't be able to help much. However, it might be useful to the devs if you could provide a bit more information.

For example, does GTK's DND completely stop working once you launch those other utilities or is there a more subtle problem? Also, what are your drag source and destination? Are you dragging & dropping entirely within some GTK+ app? Or are you dragging from a GTK+ app to some external Windows app (e.g. Windows Explorer) or the other way around? You're more likely to get assistance if you can describe the problem very accurately.


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