Re: Should We Start Dropping Windows XP Support?

On 30/12/14 13:30, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
I've been arguing for a year or more that we should phase out XP support
- but the more senior devs don't agree.  Why?  Because a surprising
number of our Windows users are still running XP (probably more than a
third).  XP is still far more common than you might think.

I agree that we should base this decision on numbers.

I would not use a single application usage data, however skewed it may
be, though, to be quite fair.

Hey Emmanuele :)

Just to be clear, I didn't mean app stats, but how many people are generally using Windows XP these days.

if we look at OS usage statistics for websites, XP goes from <5%
(below Linux! we won! oh, wait…) to ~14%, which is far below 33%. it's
also steadily decreasing month to month, and Microsoft terminating
support for XP was likely the final nail in the coffin. yes, we all
know people not upgrading their machine because everything else is
terrible, but it's a balancing act, and we need to ask ourselves if
we're targeting the retro-computing scene or not.

Yea, this is more what I had mind. Though from my recollection, Windows dropped support for Windows 98 before we did with GTK+ 2.x. I could be wrong. At the point where Microsoft drop support, I would base the decision on the maintenance burden. If it is really a minor amount of work to keep support there, then why not (I think you said that too Emmanuele :) ).


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