Re: Should We Start Dropping Windows XP Support?

On 30/12/14 09:45, John Emmas wrote:
I work on an audio product called Mixbus which uses gtk+ (albeit gtk2,
rather than gtk3):-

I've been arguing for a year or more that we should phase out XP support
- but the more senior devs don't agree.  Why?  Because a surprising
number of our Windows users are still running XP (probably more than a
third).  XP is still far more common than you might think.

I agree that we should base this decision on numbers.

When I was porting to Windows some years back, one of the more positive things about using GTK+, was the fact that the same installer/app would work across a lot of versions of Windows. It was my experience that native app developers always had to write compatibility layers and it cost them time. I think this is a feature that makes life for developers much easier.

If what John says is true (about 1/3 are stilling using XP), I would vote to wait a while.


Founder & Director @ Lanedo GmbH.

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