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On Sun, 2014-12-28 at 12:53 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
I am a bit disappointed by the turn this discussion has taken - I was
hoping people would try the code I pointed to and let me know what
they think and point out problems (thanks to Tim for doing just that).
Instead, I get arguments about how much my time is worth compared to
Mortens, complaints about 10 year old bugs getting wontfixed, or
philosophical questions about whether a toolkit should ever provide
more than one tool for a given job...

I'm sorry to see this thread spiral out of control and for my part
in that.

My intention was really to start a rational conversation around this
topic and raise a concern that I think is justified, whichever direction
this takes, it will be nice to know that the decisions made were
carefully considered.

We have a long history on this list of careful consideration of the
benefits and collateral damage of the new APIs we adopt, and in doing
so, make a certain commitment to maintain. This is what makes GTK+ a
safe place to contribute and a viable choice for application developers.

This said, I think Jasper has raised the right course of discussion,
all emotions aside I hope that we can follow his lead by simply
sticking to facts and having some rational discussion.

Best wishes for the new year,


Please, it was fun to write this code, I was hoping you would have
some fun trying it out.

Anyway, really off now until the new year. Enjoy your new years party,
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