Re: a new combo box

on the contrary: with a new class you'd be sure that the GtkComboBox
widget API is finally "stable" — as in "no changes, except for bug
fixes" — which is apparently what you want.

There are three types of widgets in the gtk+ world: (1) active and
non-deprecated, (2) deprecated, and (3) deprecated and removed.

Application writers know that (2) is on the way to (3), even if gtk+
developers like to publicly say that isn't true.  It's just that we have
never observed anything else.

So, no.  I don't want the API stability in (3).  And the "bug fixes" part
for (2) is by and large PR.  In the real world, it doesn't happen and
I am regularly reminded of this when 10 year old bug reports get
closed wontfix or obsolete.

Emmanuele, why are you so cavalier about inflicting pain and work
on application writers?


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