GtkPlacesSidebarClass defined in the .c file


I'm new to Gtk+ and OSS development. I'm wrapping GtkPlacesSidebar in
gtkmm. I've found that the GtkPlacesSidebarClass structure is defined in
the .c file, and it contains virtual functions. This has bad
implications in gtkmm, as those function pointers need to be exposed. I
think it's not general practice to put the *Class structure in the .c
file; should I file a bug on this? I can easily provide a patch for

Also, I've observed something curious in the ::open_location signal. It
takes a GFile as argument, but the signal handler signature does not
reflect this; instead, the signal handler uses GObject. I know a GFile
is a GObject, but is this level of generality really needed? I think
that it should suffice to put GFile, since it's the more specialized
type that encompasses all possible concrete types for that argument.

Thank you very much in advance :)


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