Re: GtkPlacesSidebarClass defined in the .c file


On 4 September 2013 21:08, Juan Rafael García Blanco <juanrgar gmail com> wrote:

I'm new to Gtk+ and OSS development. I'm wrapping GtkPlacesSidebar in
gtkmm. I've found that the GtkPlacesSidebarClass structure is defined in
the .c file, and it contains virtual functions. This has bad
implications in gtkmm, as those function pointers need to be exposed. I
think it's not general practice to put the *Class structure in the .c
file; should I file a bug on this? I can easily provide a patch for

it's the recommended practice to hide the instance and structure
classes in the source file if the class is 'final', i.e. it's not
supposed to be subclassed.



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