Re: non-Linux OSes


As we look further into making GLib (and most probably the GTK+/Clutter stack) work better on Windows, here are some of my further thoughts about it:

As neither of the MSVC-based build approaches (the Visual Studio Projects nor Han's NMake Makefiles) support building the unit tests, I am currently doing some NMake Makefiles for building the unit tests of GLib at least, and hopefully for the GTK+/Clutter stack. Those NMake Makefiles would obviously depend on the build of GLib that was built by Visual Studio 2008~2012 (and 2013 Desktop, as I think we can support the 2013 project files without much effort, just like the 2012 project files we have now[1]). The main reasons I am not planning to build the unit tests directly from the Project Files is because (i.e. I will likely change the JSON-GLib project files to do the same thing): 1. They would add lots of stuff to the Project Files, which I don't think is wanted by many people, so people can build them when needed. 2. The NMake Makefiles can also build against an older and existing GLib installation if so desired.

Let me know if this is a good direction to go though.

With blessings, thank you!

ps: There are some tests that don't build for MSVC, which for tests under glib/tests are as follows, for references:
gvariant.c                 does not compile on MSVC (use of empty structure)
mem-overflow.c      does not compile on MSVC (use of empty structure)
strfuncs.c does not compile on MSVC (line 986: C1064 token overflow internal buffer)


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