Re: non-Linux OSes


On 23/10/13 18:40, Colin Walters wrote:
When I read this again I realized my previous mail had a bad tone...what
I really wanted to say is:

Thanks for your answers. I didn't take them in a bad way at all.

I think InstalledTests is a natural evolution of "make check" that is
far more powerful and flexible, and I'd really love to see Debian and
other projects making use of it.

Absolutely. I think your work in CI / installed-tests / OSTree is great, and I'd
love to do some of that in Debian. We are starting to package installed tests,
which would make it easier to do CI with jenkins or similar. But I haven't had
the time to look into this or think about it much.

I pointed out the Debian builds with `make check' executions because this thread
was specifically about non-Linux OSes and non-standard compilers (and I extended
it to not-so-common architectures). Until we have CI running on that variety of
platforms, I think the Debian builds may be useful to some extent.

Specifically in helping narrow down which specific individual tests on
which architectures are failing and how often is a lot more efficient
than the all or nothing model of "make check" on an autobuilder once a
month or something when a new version of a GLib tarball is uploaded.

Totally agreed.


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