Re: ATK question

On 11/19/2013 10:51 AM, John Emmas wrote:

Version numbering of ATK and the numbers of the branches are not
the same. In fact, if you take a look to the name of the branches,
it is
not "atk-3-2" but "gnome-3-2". Those branches are a utility for
a whole. So on the branch gnome-3-2.x of atk, you will find the atk
you should use on gnome 3.2.x.

How interesting.  Over the years I've noticed that certain libraries
attempt to track each other to some extent but I had no idea that
there's ever a co-ordinated release of gnome in its entirety.

On GNOME there is a release planning as a whole. In short a new stable
major stable or GNOME is released each 6 months, doing some beta
unstable release in between. You can see all the info about release
planning here [1]. In any case, is somewhat outdated, as it talks about
previous release. You can see current cycle schedule here [2]

I wouldn't like to be the person who co-ordinates it.  He must have a
pretty stressful life!  ;-)

And that's the reason this is coordinated by a team, the release-team [3][4]

Many thanks for the explanation.

You are welcome.



Alejandro Piñeiro

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