Re: ATK question

On 18/11/2013 17:54, Piñeiro wrote:
There is  not mailing list for ATK. We usually use
gnome-accessibiliy-devel [1] for any question about any of the GNOME
accessibility modules.

Thanks Piñeiro, I'll try to remember in future - though admittedly I've got a pretty bad memory... :-)

Version numbering of ATK and the numbers of the branches are not exactly
the same. In fact, if you take a look to the name of the branches, it is
not "atk-3-2" but "gnome-3-2". Those branches are a utility for GNOME as
a whole. So on the branch gnome-3-2.x of atk, you will find the atk that
you should use on gnome 3.2.x.

How interesting. Over the years I've noticed that certain libraries attempt to track each other to some extent but I had no idea that there's ever a co-ordinated release of gnome in its entirety. I wouldn't like to be the person who co-ordinates it. He must have a pretty stressful life! ;-)

Many thanks for the explanation.


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