Re: Regarding gdbus-codegen

Hi John,

[Tarnyko wrote: ]
Hmmm, that's strange, works here.
- in "gdbus-codegen", we have :
from codegen import codegen_main
- and in "/lib/gdbus-2.0/codegen/" we have :
from . import config
where "" is in the same directory.
Using Windows (not MSYS) Python 2.5, and GTK+3.6.4 from :
Running :
python gdbus-codegen

I also ran Python 2.7 in both x86 and x64 flavors in the same way Tarnyko ran the script (which I built myself using Visual Studio, so this is a native Windows build/version of Python, running under cmd.exe), and this worked for me too.

Hi Tarnyko,
[Tarnyko wrote:]
Thanks for sharing. FYI, MinGW makefiles from latest master generate and install "gdbus-codegen" correctly. You may want to take inspiration from them if you plan to add gdbus-codegen generation for MSVC (don't know this toolchain enough to do it myself).
I just suggested a little path change  :
Thanks for the notes regarding this.  By looking at in $(srcroot)/gio/gdbus-2.0/codegen, I agree with you regarding this change.  Just wondering whether there are other people that might be looking at this though so that we can be more consistent across the various platforms that GLib supports.
BTW, I have updated the Visual Studio build files for gdbus-codegen in commit 95f7dc94 on master-I will update it accordingly when your updates go in.

With blessings.

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