Regarding gdbus-codegen (was: Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2)

Hi John,

(list people: I understand this is a rather old topic that was brought
up few months ago:) ).

I was poking around with the Python scripts for gdbus-codegen lately,
and I thought it might be good to let you know a few things about its
use on Windows, especially under Visual Studio builds of GLib
It appears that one wouldn't have to change anything in those Python
scripts (at least from the release stable/unstable tarballs) so that
they can be ran on Windows.

What I found is that for it to work "installed" on Windows (suppose your
GLib "installation" is in c:\foo):
-From $(srcroot)\gio\gdbus-2.0\codegen, copy the file
as-is to c:\foo\bin, and renaming it as gdbus-codegen. (This files has
support for Windows regarding path issues without needing to process the
file with autotools)
-Copy all the .py files in $(srcroot)\gio\gdbus-2.0\codegen to
c:\foo\lib\gdbus-2.0\codegen as is.

So this will basically work when you have the following layout
gdbus-codegen (renamed from

Hope this may be of help. Unfortunately I can't run the
gdbus-test-codegen test program as it uses items from GIO-UNIX, but it
does seem to me that generating the test sources in-tree (with
UNINSTALLED_GLIB_SRCDIR set) and using the script in the layout I just
mentioned (without UNINSTALLED_GLIB_SRCDIR set, obviously) produce
identical results.

With blessings.

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