Re: building gobject-introspection failed

On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 16:11 -0700, Kemin Zhou wrote:

Here is the background:
My machine (brand new) has RedHat 6.4

I build the gnome-3-8 branch of gobject-introspection for RHEL 6.4 too,
but I use jhbuild.  This version of g-i is used to bootstrap the
gnome-ostree build system which does continuous integration of g-i
master inside a chroot.

, I realized this is very old, so I have installed a few hundres
packages in the /usr/local/ 

Broadly speaking, I'm only going to support "well known" build systems.
These include:

rpm (mock), dpkg (pbuilder), OpenEmbedded, jhbuild, gnome-ostree.

I know g-i builds in all of the above.  If you're making up your own
build system, the onus is on you to figure out the delta between your
own system and one of the above.

I assume we're talking about

In that case, it looks to me like the g-i configure step is not picking
up the right glib.  This is where systems like jhbuild and mock/pbuilder
are more correct - the former contains a "canonical" set of environment
variable overrides.  The mock/pbuilder approaches (as well as
gnome-ostree) always create pristine build roots, so they largely avoid
host contamination issues like this.

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