building gobject-introspection failed

Hi All,

Not sure I am reaching the right group or not.

Here I am having a tough problem with gobject-introspection.  I have at least build > 2000 packages in my career as a programmer.  This is the first time, it failed at the 'make install' stage. 

Here is the background:
My machine (brand new) has RedHat 6.4, I realized this is very old, so I have installed a few hundres packages in the /usr/local/ including mostly system related (the gnu 4.8.1 compiler included).  So far so good.

My pkgconfig path points to /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

I have tried with gobject-introspection-1.37.4, and 10 versions down.  They all have exactly the same problem:
setting the include directory (glib-2.0) directory to the old /usr/ directory instead of the /usr/local

I saw several other people had the same problem, but have not seen any solutions. 

If anyone has a hit please let me know.



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