Glib bug #625552

Hi everyone,

I would like to draw attention once more to bug #625552 which is:
"wrong behaviour of GVolume GVolumeMonitor related functions with mount --bind"

The bug is known since 2 and a half years and confirmed in Ubuntu [1] and Debian [2], but should most likely exist in any other distribution. Just today I changed my fstab to use a bind mount again and so naturally was reminded of this bug:

UUID=53440C2D78774B48 /mnt/2TB ntfs-3g uid=1000,gid=100,fmask=0037,dmask=0027 0 0
/mnt/2TB/MyDocuments /home/xyz/MyDocuments none bind 0 0

I have tried to fix it myself several times but I really lack some good understanding in the code. It would be quite nice to know who is the current maintainer of this code section (glib/gio) or someone familiar with the sections in glib/gio/gunixmounts.c.

I think with a little more insight into the details of GVolumeMonitor and GMount it should be possible to come up with a fix. The basic details are already mentioned in the bug reports at bgo and launchpad.

IMHO there are two options to solve this. Either return a GMount mount point for the device such that nautilus shows it as already mounted and leads to the same folder as the bind mount, or not show it at all. The latter one being the prefered solution.

Kind Regards


P.S. CC-ing nautilus, maybe someone of the nautilus developer could also give an advice about how glib needs to be fixed to avid this problem.

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