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Hacking on GTK-Win32 is very annoying if you have to cross compile & copy every time you make a change. It would be nice if the build system that comes out of this thread would be useful for more than just making the stock GTK packages.

Another flaw with cross compiling is I don't believe there's any way to link to a newer msvcrt.dll. The official windows version of python links against msvcr90 and mixing versions leads to a lot of subtle problems.

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 8:44 AM, Erik van Pienbroek <erik vanpienbroek nl> wrote:
tarnyko tarnyko net schreef op do 11-04-2013 om 15:12 [+0200]:
> Native build
>  ------------
> + easier (works around most problems in configure scripts and Makefiles)

I'd have to disagree here. In order to build gtk on a windows host then
you basically need to arrange these things yourself first:
- Install msys (which contains sh.exe which is needed to
  run the configure script)
- Install the or mingw-w64 compiler
- Manually build (or download precompiled files for) all gtk+
  dependencies (like gettext, libiconv, pixman, cairo, libjpeg, ...)

When you use the cross-compiled packages which various distros are
providing then all these steps are already arranged for you. For example
on Fedora it's sufficient to run 'yum-builddep mingw32-gtk3' and all
dependencies which are needed to allow building of gtk3 will be
installed automatically (including the compiler).

Once all dependencies are installed it's sufficient to run
'mingw32-configure && make' from your source tree and there you go.

For Fedora we've created an instruction which describes how commonly
used cross-compiling tasks can be performed:


Erik van Pienbroek
Fedora MinGW SIG

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