Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

Hi Marc, Wow wow wow, lots of things there :-). Marc-André Lureau writes:
It would be better if you could check in your scripts in a repository, so
one could more easily study and eventually contribute to your effort. All
the binaries should be fetched or build from the source (and verified). It
should be easy and safe to reproduce and modify the build, by anyone at

Agreed. What's GNOME preferred repo system, Git ? Should I get a account on ?
.bat scripts are quite poor, even for a build system. Makefile or
python, powershell are probably more suited for the task.

Actually, while named .bat, most of these scripts are bash scripts (.sh) using "./configure" and "make".
There are tons of build systems, but for targetting native windows build
[1], I would really suggest looking at cerbero

I prefer keep using vanilla MinGW, either on Windows or under Linux. Using a very particular and complex buildenv, possibly tied to lots of prerequisites, won't help in a long time. Plus it would mean maintenance for GNOME folks, too.
Have you investigated using a cloud windows server, such as EC2 or
rackspace to host the windows machine? Imho, the windows SDK and DDK should > be avoided.

As I said before, the machine should be hosted by GNOME (so no cloud IMHO).
GNOME doesn't need to buy a Windows license, there is Hyper-V Server which is freeware.
However, I came to the conclusion that there is no reason to have
"official" gtk cross-built binaries. Each build system (MXE, OBS,
fedora-mingw etc.) comes with its own set of packages, distribution, build
infrastructure, community etc. > --

That's why I'm advocating for a native build. Using mingw on Linux usally implies depending on a distro-dependent packaging system. I will make the complete point in one of my next mails.
Marc-André Lureau

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