Re: Glib on Windows for Windows Stroe apps

arnaud collard schreef op di 02-04-2013 om 08:34 [+0000]:

I was wondering if Glib could work on Windows 8 embedded in a Windows
store application.

The VLC developers (in collaboration with the mingw-w64 developers) are
currently working on a library called 'winstorecompat'. This library
wraps various Win32 API functions which are considered 'forbidden' for
use in Windows Store apps and replaces them with 'good' Win32 API

The initial commit of this helper library has this comment:


libwinstorecompat: new library to help porting to Windows Store

This library can be linked to code targetting Windows Store.
Functions that are not available anymore for Windows Store are redefined,
using similar functions that are allowed.
'Forbidden' functions can be found either by browsing MSDN, either by
running WACK (Windows Application Certification Kit) on the application.

For now the only symbol redefined is CreateEventW() but others will follow.

Note: this library has no headers, since we don't add new functions but only
redefine existing ones.

For this to work, -lwinstorecompat should appear on the linking cmdline after
object files using it, but before any library defining the same symbols.
In this case: -lkernel32

So: gcc -shared -o foo.dll foo.o -lwinstorecompat -lkernel32
should work.


It would be interesting to find out if GLib can be made Windows Store compliant
with this helper library. I'm sure upstream would welcome contributions where
more 'forbidden' Win32 API functions are implemented.

This library can be found in the mingw-w64 SVN repository at


Erik van Pienbroek
Fedora MinGW SIG

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