Glib on Windows for Windows Stroe apps



I was wondering if Glib could work on Windows 8 embedded in a Windows store application.

As far as I understood, there are some limitations in using Windows CRT APIs when building a Store app as defined in this link:

Glib (and surely gio, gobject) are using some CRT calls, and some of them are not allowed, or even do not work.

Is there any plan to make it compatible with Windows store apps? (if this is technically possible …)

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Best regards,


Arnaud Collard



NB: I am writing on this mailing list because it seems the most suitable for Glib, but we would like to use glib in the scope of Gstreamer to give you a little bit more background. So perhaps we don’t need all Glib APIs to be ported if used with Gstreamer.

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