Re: Glib on Windows for Windows Stroe apps

Hi Arnaud,

This is the correct list to ask questions like the one you mentioned.

In the current state, GLib cannot be used in Windows Store (aka Metro) apps, as it uses a number of Win32 API/CRT API calls that aren't allowed in the Windows Store apps, notably calls that use ws2_32.lib (Winsock2), as many portable libraries that involve the use of networking uses BSD sockets for ease of portability AFAIK, which was why Windows used Winsock. The Metro apps, unfortunately, disallows the use of Winsock2 APIs, and things like GSpawn won't be able to work in its current form as you aren't allowed to spawn processes directly from a Metro apps. There could be a number of other things that need to be ported, and one that might disappoint some is the use of TimeGetTime() (for precision timing, which uses winmm.lib), which is disallowed in Metro apps.

IMHO it is my hope that GLib (and possibly GTK+/Clutter) can be eventually ported to work with the Metro APIs, but there will be lots of work involved. Perhaps if there are some people out there who can help out (and/or if you are willing), that would be excellent. Note that it is possible to build and use GLib with Visual Studio 2012 at the time of writing, albeit only with the Desktop apps settings.

With blessings, thank you!

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