Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2

Thanks for everyone's help with this.  The problem with glib-mkenums did indeed turn out to be a missing list of header files.  Now that I've added that, things are getting a lot further.  MSVC users might be interested to hear that I'm now tantalizingly close to being able to build glib using only a customized Visual Studio Solution (i.e. a collection of customized VCPROJ files).  In fact, it looks like I only have 2 problems left to solve:-

1)  Even after fixing glib-mkenums I still have a missing function called 'g_registry_backend_get_type()'.  It looks like this should have gotten auto-generated by glib-mkenums - but it didn't, so I'm guessing there must still be a missing header file somewhere.  I've tried all the gio_header files listed in - as well as (separately) all the files listed in makefile.msc but neither list generates the missing function.  I also tried adding 'gio/gregistrysettingsbackend.h' to my lists (which seemed like it might be needed) but that didn't work either. :-(

2)  Along a similar vein, it looks like I need to process the module 'gio/gdbus-2.0/codegen/' but I don't know what program / script I need for processing it.

Any suggestions anyone?


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