Re: Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2

於 2012/12/27 下午 05:15, John Emmas 提到:
> Thanks for the reply, Fen.
> As it happens, it is VS2005 that I'm using but I'm pretty sure that
> the other VS projects are out of date too. I'm using the versions that
> are here:-
Hello John,

Ah, the VS 2005 projects are the reason why it seemed to you the VS
projects are out of date. The issue here is that since they are not
maintained (remember I mentioned I didn't have VS 2005, so I can't test
the VS 2005 projects), they are not distributed in a GLib source tarball.

I'm not sure whether VS 2005 supports the use of property sheets, but
this is what you can try to do (from a release tarball), using the VS
2008 projects (which are kept up-to-date as far as possible :) ):
-Go to $(srcroot)\build\win32\vs9

-Use a text editor (or some script) to open the .sln files and change
"Format Version 10.00" to "Format Version 9.00" and "Visual Studio 2008"
to "Visual Studio 2005", without the quotes.

-Use a text editor (or some script) to open the .vcproj files and change
Version="9.00" to Version="8.00", *with* the quotes.

-Use a text editor (or some script) to open the .vsprops file and change
vs9 to vs8 and VS9 to VS8.

Try opening the project files using Visual C++ 2005 and build the
solution. This should apply for all the GNOME projects up to GTK+2.x/3.x

Note that some GIO headers that are needed might not be copied during
the "install" stage, so you might want to manually copy them
accordingly. I have submitted a patch so that the manifest of headers to
copy during the "install" stage can be constantly up-to-date by
completing the property sheets during 'make dist'[1].


p.s. for the glib-mkenums issue, you might want to download a Cogl 1.12
release tarball and look in gen-enums.bat to see how glib-mkenums is
called-I used a plain native Win32/Win64 PERL that I built from source
using the standard Visual C++ Makefiles given in the PERL source archive
since 5.12.1, which worked for me for quite a while.

Hope this helps, with blessings.

Merry (late) Christmas and a Happy New Year

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