Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2

Hello John,
[snip]At least it seems so, if this web page is to be believed:-
You might want to look at this page instead:, as the win32 page you have mentioned is unfortunately out of date. The latest stable tarball is glib-2.34.3, which was released about a month ago, and that does include up-to-date VS 2008/2010 project files. Beware, however, you need libffi in order to build GObject and ZLib to build GIO (parts of the GLib package), and that was since 2.29.x-you can take a look at on how to build libffi for Visual Studio (it is also recommended to build ZLib using the VS version you are using to build GLib, instructions for that can be found in ZLib is actually quite simple on Visual C++).

[snip] But given that a list of header files is needed, wouldn't it be more logical for that list to be included in glib-mkenums (as opposed to being in makefile.msc)? Or am i looking at this from the wrong perspective?
The thing is, that PERL script is to be used for many GLib-using libraries (and perhaps programs), so it is meant to be general-purpose. The Cogl gen-enums.bat refers to an example how glib-mkenums is called (for Cogl, specifically), so the headers list would be different for each library that would call it.

Hope this helps.

With blessings.

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