Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2

Hi Fen,

I'm sure you're right about the tarball VCPROJ files being up-to-date but the stable tarballs themselves are a long way out of date.  At least it seems so, if this web page is to be believed:-

According to the information there, version 2.28.8 is the latest (stable) package for libglib.  But a huge number of source files have been added since 2.28.8...  :-)

On 27 Dec 2012, at 16:35, Fan Chun-wei wrote:

> p.s. for the glib-mkenums issue, you might want to download a Cogl 1.12
> release tarball and look in gen-enums.bat to see how glib-mkenums is
> called

That's a really helpful suggestion.  Thanks.  Along with what Hans said (about me failing to specify which headers should be used to generate enums from) I think this is now making a lot of sense.  But given that a list of header files is needed, wouldn't it be more logical for that list to be included in glib-mkenums (as opposed to being in makefile.msc)?  Or am i looking at this from the wrong perspective?


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