Re: Bug #679291 (please review)


On 4 August 2012 22:07, John Lindgren <john lindgren aol com> wrote:
>> John, would you be so kind to look at this? that would be stellar.
> I can write a test case and do a bisect, I think.  Are there any
> instructions around as to how the test case should be encapsulated
> (stand-alone program, C function)?

great, thanks for looking into this.

tests are already available in gtk/tests/treeview.c:

there are already a couple of cursor-related tests.

you can add a new test function that creates a GtkTreeView, connects
to the ::cursor-changed signal and changes the selection, then
destroys the GtkTreeView; inside the cursor-changed signal you
increment a global counter, and/or g_assert() that the selection is
not NULL. your patch would lead to the ::cursor-changed signal being
emitted once.



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