Re: Bug #679291 (please review)

hi John;

On 4 August 2012 21:43, John Lindgren <john lindgren aol com> wrote:
> About a month ago I sent a patch to the bug tracker to fix a problem
> where GtkTreeView would emit signals, thereby executing user code,
> during its destroy cycle.  This is a potentially serious problem as the
> state of the GtkTreeView is more or less undefined as it is being destroyed.
> One André Klapper (never heard of him before and don't know his email)
> closed the bug as a duplicate but did nothing further to resolve it.
> Can someone please review the patch [1] and commit it?

André is our resident bug master.

I left a comment in bug 671939, but I can also repeat it here.

the patch in attachment 217892 looks okay - but what I'd like to see:

a) bisecting to see what commit broke this;
b) a test case for the TreeView test suite, to ensure we don't regress again;
c) a patch done using git format-patch or git bz, so that we can credit the

John, would you be so kind to look at this? that would be stellar.

thanks again for the patch.



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