Re: _wstat on Windows (actually stat stuff in general)

Of course GIO is slower when you look at the LoC count, the question
is for the typical case is performance acceptable.  If your
application is opening a million files then maybe it's not typical.
Maybe my application runs on a router and not on an 64-core Core i5000 with 16 petabytes of RAM. Just as Im not sure I'd drive a Bugati Veyron to the supermarket for a pint of milk, I'm not sure I'd use a Core i7 for a router than costs $150. If the "general utility" part of GLib extends to requiring massively more complex resources than alternatives, that pretty much seals GLib's fate as a "general purpose" anything and becomes instead a "very specific to the GNOME desktop" purpose library. No way you can convince me otherwise I'm afraid, and that's not because I'm being stubborn, it's because I (and I think you) know I'm right. GIO is appropriate for some applications, of that I have no doubt, but trying to convince me that it's a viable alternative to stat() when all I want it the damned file size? Never gonna happen.

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