Re: _wstat on Windows (actually stat stuff in general)

if GIO is measurably slower at doing I/O than a stat(), please: file
bugs along with profiling data.
This is WAY off topic but still ... how can you possibly believe it is NOT slower? One system call versus:

1. Allocate arrays
2. Allocate hash tables
3. Do strdups
4. Calculate hashes
5. Involve at least 14 functions that I counted
6. Heap fragmentation

How can you *POSSIBLY* expect that to be faster? The fact that you may not visually notice the speed difference because we all have the luxury of modern systems that are fast does NOT mean it is a superior solution. GIO adds 176000-odd lines of source code to an app. How is it even POSSIBLE you can question it is slower than 1 system call? If you really, honestly believe that, my faith in you (until now quite high) and in GLib and its future (until now also quite high) just plummeted through the floor.

I really don't need accurate GPS measuring to know that a Bugati Veyron is faster than a Fiat Uno, any more than I need to provide you with profiling data to prove that GIO is slower than g_stat().

This over-engineering and relying on silicon to cover bad designs is what kills software in the long run. System calls in UNIX have survived 40 years for a reason.

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