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>> Sam Thursfield wrote:
>> Let me first remind everyone that
>> https://live.gnome.org/Windows/Discussion has a good summary of all
>> things that are being discussed here. We're kind of heading in four
>> different directions at once (fedora-mingw, MSVC, native mingw, OBS)
>> so it's important we keep track :)

> Dieter Verfaillie wrote
>- I want or have to use Visual Studio on Windows:
>    > Sure, here's how to build GTK+ with Visual Studio
>      Solution files.

For a start on my side, I wrote a GNOME Live! page in this URL regarding compiling the GTK+ stack from scratch with Visual Studio 2008/2010: https://live.gnome.org/GTK%2B/Win32/MSVCCompilationOfGTKStack, which I also linked to the Discussion page (please see Sam's lines for the link to that page)

God Bless,
Fan, Chun-wei

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