Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 1:10 PM, Dieter Verfaillie
<dieterv optionexplicit be> wrote:
> Quoting "Sam Thursfield" <ssssam gmail com>:
>> You can get the Visual C++ toolchain for free from the Windows SDK[2],
>> if you're interested in making these. Generating the import libs for
>> VC is super easy, you just need the .def file for the DLL (and not
>> even the actual DLL).
> Hmm, I thought lib.exe was no longer available in the Windows 7 SDK?
> I did discover yesterday evening, a couple of hours after sending
> my original message, that what I suppose is the last version of lib.exe
> still available for download can be found in the Windows Server 2003
> R2 Platform SDK:
> [1]

I've got version 6.0 of the SDK and lib.exe is definitely there. Can't
remember if I saw it in 7.0 or not.

> I have been dreaming of having an msys-python port though (considered by
> most to be even more "exotic" than cross-compiling Python itself, I guess).
> Would make jhbuild, but also other tools written in Python that need to
> run at build-time like gi-scanner, much more reliable. And we'd be able
> to get rid of loads of "subprocessing" workarounds/bugs...

actually not such a crack idea, there's a lot of hacks in different
apps that could go in there. But why not just put them in mainline?


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