Re: GMenuModel has landed


On Fri, 2011-12-09 at 01:34 +0100, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
> Does this mean different windows belonging to the same application will
> not be able to have different per–window menubars? I’m thinking about
> Empathy here, with its Buddy List and Conversation windows having
> different menubars, but it’s not an uncommon scenario.

I guess a reasonable question to ask here is what empathy would look
like if it were an application designed for mac os.

If people ask for it, I'm open to adding the ability to override menus
on a per-window basis, but it will be strongly recommended against.

I think a possible way of dealing with this would be to treat the
contact list and the chat windows as two separate applications -- it
almost seems that way these days anyway, with the messaging integrated
into the shell.

> I assume Windows will behave like GNOME 2 here. In the GNOME 2 case, is
> the app menu collapsed with the menubar somehow?

Correct assumption.

In the case that nobody is showing the application menu, an
"Application" item is added to the left of whatever would have otherwise
been the first item in the menubar.  If there is no menubar, then you
end up with a menubar with an "Application" menu and nothing else.

We're trying to decide what the best name for this menu should be.
Possibly it should be the same as the name of the application.


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