Re: GMenuModel has landed

On Dec 8, 2011, at 4:58 PM, Ryan Lortie wrote:

> hi,
> On Fri, 2011-12-09 at 01:34 +0100, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
>> Does this mean different windows belonging to the same application will
>> not be able to have different per–window menubars? I’m thinking about
>> Empathy here, with its Buddy List and Conversation windows having
>> different menubars, but it’s not an uncommon scenario.
> I guess a reasonable question to ask here is what empathy would look
> like if it were an application designed for mac os.

I think that you misunderstand how mac os works. 

Yes, a single menu bar is displayed at the top of the screen. This is correct behavior according to Fit's Law, because you can bang the pointer to the top of the screen and it can't overshoot.

No, applications are not limited to having a single menu bar. It's a one-liner to switch menubars when different window (or notebook tab, for that matter) gets focus.

John Ralls

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