Re: Crashes with long words in strings passed to gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text()

On 04/20/2011 09:42 PM, Fabian Keil wrote:
> I think even not showing a tooltip at all, or replacing the
> text provided by the application with something like
> "tooltip doesn't fit screen" would be a behaviour that is
> vastly superior to crashing and less surprising for developers
> that are reading the GTK documentation but aren't familiar
> with the actual code.

I've been searching a little bit in the source code for the GDK warning:
"Native Windows wider or taller than 65535 pixels are not supported".
It appears (in gdkwindow-x11.c and gdkgeometry-x11.c) that, in case
width or height is > 65535, then it's set to 65535. But (if I'm right),
as supported width / height go down to 32767 for X, the app get a GDK
error and crashes anyways. Maybe setting the width / height limit to
32767 in GDK could fix that.

BTW, have you file a bug for the issue? It's the best way to have it fixed.

Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin <manutm007 gmail com>

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