Re: New GTK+ website design

On Wed, 2011-04-20 at 21:31 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:

> > Two other suggestions:
> > - I think the home page should mention Javascript among the bindings,
> > which is getting a lot of traction nowadays (more than Perl for
> > instance).
> We have a bindings page. Was there something specific you wanted to 
> mention here that covers more than the language bindings page?

No, I was just thinking out loud that mentioning Perl as the first
language binding in the home page sounded a bit backwards given the
current trends in the GNOME community (no offense intended, I don't
really have any idea of how many GTK+ applications are developed in
Also, if the versions table in the binding page is up to date,  Perl
bindings don't seem to be 3.0 compatible yet.

> > - It would be nice to have some screenshots updated to GNOME3/GTK3
> > styles.
> I agree. I will steal some from the gnome 3 pages unless 
> someone can point me to something useful?

Screenshots from the official website or from l.g.o should be just fine,
or you can run the live image and make some if you're looking for
something different (or ask around...I can make some too if you want).


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