Re: New GTK+ website design

Hi Martyn,

On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 15:30 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:

> There are a few things to decide on, so I will try to get some consensus 
> from you all before making the final decision on these points:
>   1. The titles are available in blue (default) or red. If you append
>      "?red" to the link you can see them in red. What do people prefer
>      here? I quite like the blue now.

I think I like the blue better too.

>   2. The features page has 2 approaches. One is with next/previous
>      buttons to go through the features. The other lists them as we
>      did before. What do people prefer?

I feel that next/previous approach is a bit confusing, as the buttons
are not really discoverable and it doesn't give an overview of all the
items at a glance, which I think is important for such a prominent page.
I also feel the layout of the other page is a little too crowded at a
first sight, but not being a web designer I don't have concrete
suggestions to improve it (and I prefer it over the former anyway).

Two other suggestions:
- I think the home page should mention Javascript among the bindings,
which is getting a lot of traction nowadays (more than Perl for
- It would be nice to have some screenshots updated to GNOME3/GTK3


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