New GTK+ website design

Hi all,

I've been meaning to send this for some time now. I managed to get some of the last things fixed up and the site hosted on my server for some testing.

Thanks to Devin for all the hard work put in on this. The biggest change is that all the pages are written in PHP and the style is a bit more slick with a nice news feed available too.

There are a few things to decide on, so I will try to get some consensus from you all before making the final decision on these points:

 1. The titles are available in blue (default) or red. If you append
    "?red" to the link you can see them in red. What do people prefer
    here? I quite like the blue now.

 2. The features page has 2 approaches. One is with next/previous
    buttons to go through the features. The other lists them as we
    did before. What do people prefer? I like both, but would probably
    go with the old school approach:


 3. The footers have CSS/HTML validation links there for those
    interested, these will be removed when we finally migrate.


Are there any other points or questions people have about the content/design that we should address before moving over to this?

Comments welcome,


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