Re: rendering-cleanup-next

El 16/09/10 13:00, Florian Müllner escribió:
> El jue, 16-09-2010 a las 20:36 +1000, Andrew Cowie escribió:
>> If someone write up a list of indent options and stick the command in a
>> one line script somewhere prominent (like / :)) then we can just run the
>> code formatter once over the entire tree, and then just tell people to
>> run it in future.
> Of course that will severely limit the usefulness of git-blame ...

The real fix for this is implement a git feature that allows you to
commit in a "style fashion" so it doesn't affect git blame. It would be
very tricky to do but basically the algorithm would assign to the last
commit of each line a modification to make the commit be in the last
form of the style-commit. After this is implemented and gnome git adopts
this version of git, a style-commit would be done for the whole gtk+
project and then we're good.

Another good thing to do after that is deploying the codeformatter in
the server as a hook for any commit, so users don't need to run it.

My 2 cents.



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