I just pushed
which is rendering cleanup part 3: The introduction of the
gtk_widget_draw(). Highlight here is replacing the expose-event signal
with a draw signal and porting all widgets to use that.

While working on this branch I realized that it touches the same areas
of application code as the current rendering-cleanup branch (part 2:
No return of the pixmap). So it would be way preferrable from my point
of view if I could merge both branches at the same time, because we'd
need to touch applications tracking GTK master only once and would
make app maintainers happy by reducing their downtime.

However, I'm not sure how controverisal the changes in here are, so if
this branch needs lots of discussion, I'll merge only part 2.
Otherwise I'll merge both at once.

I'll post a longer description of the branch later (it's not really
interesting apart from the first and last 5-10 commits anyway), but I
really should go to bed now.


PS: Attached is a rendering of the liststore example from gtk-demo to
a pdf surface using Raleigh, Clearlooks and EasyListening. Just
because I want to show off.

Attachment: treeview.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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