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On Sun, 2010-09-12 at 11:23 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> > Anyhow, sure, if GTK has no policy that's fine. I assumed it had a
> > sensible policy...
> We don't have a written-down policy, beyond 'fit in locally'. But I
> have become increasingly annoyed by trailing whitespace ...

Can we maybe just use indent? 

Indent has about 18,000 options, so you can convince it to do most of
what you'd want.

If someone write up a list of indent options and stick the command in a
one line script somewhere prominent (like / :)) then we can just run the
code formatter once over the entire tree, and then just tell people to
run it in future.

I seem to remember someone telling me that the Linux kernel guys did
this to their taste.

[I did something similar in java-gnome, putting a configuration for
Eclipse's built in Java code formatter into the tree. Someone tries to
send me a branch with rediculous format and whitespace change I just
tell them to run the code formatter, do another commit, and resubmit.
And anyone using Eclipse has it run automatically for them. Makes for
nice diffs.]

> So maybe we should
> agree on a policy and put it in writing for 3.0.

Yeah, but if that policy just says "Run ./" then it'll
be easy for everyone.



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